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Distec is now called FORTEC Integrated

Germering, April 2, 2024 – Distec GmbH, Vertrieb von elektronischen Bauelementen, part of the FORTEC Group since 2015, has changed its name and is now operating as FORTEC Integrated GmbH. In July 2023, uniform corporate brands were established for the FORTEC Group subsidiaries to offer the comprehensive product range of display technology, embedded systems, and power supplies under one brand. The renaming now marks another step in the grow-together process of the FORTEC Group into a global partner for unlimited technology solutions. ...


FORTEC Integrated introduces the new iBASE 3.5" Single Board Computer IB961

High performance for edge computing in transportation, industrial automation, and medical technology

Germering, 05.03.2024 – FORTEC Integrated (Distec GmbH), one of the leading German specialists in industrial TFT flat screens, embedded products, and system solutions, presents the new IB961 SBC from iBASE. It is equipped with powerful Raptor Lake Intel® Core™ processors, offering 4 to 6 performance cores and 4 to 8 efficiency cores depending on the version. Thomas Schrefel, Product Manager Embedded at FORTEC Integrated / Distec, explained: "In this hybrid architecture, the E-cores handle system tasks efficiently, while the powerful P-cores are only activated when high computing power is required. This creates a highly efficient platform for applications such as onboard computers, infotainment, or vehicle control systems." The IB961 also finds diverse applications in industrial automation as well as medical and laboratory technology. ...

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x86 monitors with Android 13

In cooperation with emteria, FORTEC Integrated presents Android 13 on its POS-IQ-PRO panel PCs

Germering (Germany) February 8, 2024 – FORTEC Integrated (Distec GmbH), one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products and system solutions, collaborates with the Android specialist emteria to offer x86 panel PCs featuring Android 13. This integration combines the high computing power of the x86 architecture with the benefits of Android 13, including regular updates, customization, and remote management capabilities. “Emteria ensures seamless operation of Android 13 on the POS-IQ-PRO Panel PCs, maximizing app compatibility and usability,” stated Matthias Keller, Managing Director at FORTEC Integrated / Distec. ...

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Change in the Management at Distec

Ulrich Ermel Succeeds Bernhard Staller

Germering (Germany) March 15, 2023 – Distec GmbH, one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products and system solutions, announced that there has been a change in the management: Bernhard Staller is going into his well-deserved retirement. On March 1, 2023, Ulrich Ermel has taken over the position of Managing Director. As an electrical engineer (FH) and graduate engineer, he has extensive management and leadership skills as well as expertise in the areas of power supplies and embedded systems. He brings a broad range of competencies from distribution and production to the development of complete solutions.  ...

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Artista M4 - the new IIOT platform for high-resolution display applications with V-by-One

Germering (Germany) January 10, 2023 – Distec GmbH, one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products and system solutions, presents the new edition of its smart TFT controller: the Artista M4. With it, it is possible to control high-resolution TFT displays of up to 3840x2160 pixels at 60 Hz. The controller consists of an in-house developed baseboard and the current Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4with a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor and fast LPDDR4 RAM. Compared to its predecessor with CM3+, the Artista M4 thus provides the necessary computing power for 4K applications of all kinds, such as for info terminals, in medical technology or in building management. ...

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High-speed and High-resolution: BoxPC with V-by-One and eDP Interface

Distec Presents Robust and Low-maintenance "BoxPC Pro NPA-2009" for Info Terminals, Medical Technology and Transportation

Germering (Germany) October 11, 2022 – As one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat panel displays, embedded products and system solutions, Distec GmbH introduces another innovative product: The “BoxPC Pro NPA-2009” offers a novel docking connector for direct connection of high-resolution V-by-One and/or eDP TFT displays. Areas of application for the NPA-2009 are all applications that require high-resolution displays with a high frame rate and high color depth, such as info terminals, medical technology, transportation and many more. ...

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Now from Distec: new SMARC™ 2.1 module "conga-SA7" from congatec

Small, robust and powerful computer-on-module for industrial, medical technology and transportation

Germering (Germany), 31 March 2022 – Distec GmbH - one of Germany's leading specialists in TFT flat panel displays and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications - is adding congatec's new SMARC™ 2.1 module conga-SA7 to its product range. The SMARC™ Computer-on-Module is available with the new Intel® Elkhart Lake processor Atom x6000E, Pentium® J6xxx and N6xxx or with the Celeron® J6xxx and N6xxx. ...

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Now it's round: Distec presents round display modules POS-I-PRO

IP-protected eye-catcher in four expansion stages for industry, digital signage, interior design and smart homes

Germering (Germany), 23 September 2021 – As one of the leading German specialists for industrial TFT flat screens and system solutions, Distec GmbH presents another innovative new product: with its extraordinary shape, the round TFT display series POS-I-PRO opens up completely new possibilities for a wide range of applications. "POS-I-PRO is a native solution for round displays, which until now could only be accomplished with concealed rectangular displays," explained Ludwig Deimel, Project Manager at Distec. ...

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Real-time talent: Distec adds IB836 from iBASE to its product range

Rugged, long-term available 3.5" single board computer with Intel® Atom™ processors of the x6000 series and extended temperature range

Germering (Germany), 1 September 2021 – Distec GmbH - one of the leading German specialists for TFT flat panel displays and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications - adds the 3.5-inch single board computer (SBC) "IB836" from iBASE to its product range. It meets the requirements of critical real-time application areas such as transportation, industrial automation, IIoT, measurement technology, and medicine. The long-term available single-board computer is equipped with industrial Intel® Atom™ processors of the x6000 series (formerly Elkhart Lake). ...

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Ready to connect: TFT displays from KOE now as kit solution

Distec offers complete program in robust industrial quality for automation, Industry 4.0, digital signage, infrastructure, and construction

Germering (Germany), 19 May 2021 – Distec GmbH has been appointed official distributor for the robust, industrial TFT displays manufactured by Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics (KOE). "These high-quality TFT displays can be perfectly controlled with our self-developed, robust Prisma TFT controllers," explained Leonhard Spiegl, Product Manager Components at Distec. ...

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Robust and powerful: BoxPC Pro NPA-1904 from Distec

Cost-effective embedded box PC offers unique docking connector for use in industrial, medical and digital signage applications

Germering (Germany), May 6, 2021 – Distec GmbH introduces the new "BoxPC Pro NPA-1904" from its embedded portfolio. The box PC is particularly powerful, robust and at the same time cost-effective. Inside the embedded box PC, either one of the long-term available i5-7300U or i3-7100U Intel Core processors of the 7th generation is working...

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Artificial intelligence at its best: BoxPC EC-3200 from iBASE

Distec offers compact Embedded BoxPC with NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 for industry, medical technology and smart cities

Germering (Germany), 2 February 2021 - Distec GmbH is expanding its embedded portfolio with the industrial Embedded BoxPC EC-3200 from iBASE for applications with artificial intelligence (AI) with the highest performance demands. The EC-3200 is based on the ultra-modern, energy-saving and powerful NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2. The processor combines exceptional speed and energy efficiency with a dual core Denver 2 and a quad core ARM® Cortex®-A57 processor. “Compared to the Jetson™ TX1, the energy efficiency and performance has more than doubled,”  ...

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For industrial use: Distec adds KOE TFT displays to its product range

Robust TFT displays from Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics offer high quality and long availability for harsh industrial environments

Germering (Germany), 8 December 2020 - Distec GmbH is expanding its product range with robust, industrial TFT displays from Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics (KOE), a Japan Display Inc. (JDI Group) company. "The wide range of high quality TFT displays perfectly complements our portfolio for demanding industrial environments", said Leonhard Spiegl, Product Manager Components at Distec, explaining the distribution agreement. "The long availability meets our demand for highest customer satisfaction and quality". ...

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IP65 protection: Distec presents new POS-PRO display modules

Plug & Play HMI systems in three versions for industrial and medical applications

Germering (Germany), 17. September 2020 - Distec GmbH presents the new display modules of the IP65-protected "POS-PRO" series. Distec supplies the plug & play HMI systems in sizes from 7 to 17.3 inches and with three different control units: POS-RP-PRO based on RaspberryPi with the latest compute module CM3 / CM3 +, POS-IQ-PRO with the powerful Intel® x86 CPU of the latest Pentium® generation and POS-4K-PRO with a high resolution of 3840 to 2160 pixels. “The new 'intelligent' Panel PC series offers a high level of versatility and can be used flexibly in different projects,” explained Matthias Keller, Managing Director of Distec GmbH. "A special feature of the very slim touch displays is their smartphone-like front, which enables visually appealing input systems."...

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