Contactless operation

With our new technologies for contactless operation (Hover Touch & Radar Gesture Control), we offer various solutions for protection against germ and virus transmission. The technologies can be included in new display designs as well as retrofitted in existing systems.

The functions are particularly suitable for publicly accessible vending machines and operating systems such as coffee machines, supermarket scales, ticket vending machines or order terminals. Interactive information displays in shopping centers, pedestrian zones or museums also benefit from these options.

Detailed information on this topic is available in our article in the trade journal PC & Industrie (9/2021).


Hover Touch Technology

Devices with Hover Touch already detect the finger several centimeters in front of the glass surface, whereby a touch event can be executed by briefly remaining in one area of the screen.

As can be seen in our YouTube video, contactless operation is even possible with gloves or input pens.

Right now, the feature can be added to our POS-IQ-PRO devices.

Contactless and tactile operation are available in parallel:

Tactile 2D touch operation

  • Multi-touch with up to 10 fingers
  • supports passive stylus and thick gloves
  • No water or palm recognition possible


Contactless 3D touch operation

  • Single floating finger with a distance up to 5 cm
  • Supports passive stylus and thick gloves

To view this YouTube video, permission is required in the Advertising section.

Technical overview

  • Currently available: 10.1" (15.6", 12.1", 7" in preparation)
  • Compatible with cover glasses up to 4mm thickness
  • COB & COF versions
  • Windows driver and protocol guide available
    (Linux/Android Q4/2021)
  • USB/I2C interfaces as Distec standard
  • Requires non-conductive housing
  • Gesture Support: Air Dwell, Air Tap, Air Swipe and Air Spin can replace keystrokes or scrolling


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Radar Technology

Hand and finger gesture control provided by 60Ghz mmWave radar technology. Recognizes up to 10 definable gestures for contactless control within a range of 30 cm around the sensor.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications from vending to smart home and medicine
  • Can be integrated cost-effectively into existing systems (also non-touch)
  • Can be operated with all types of gloves

With the video demo below, you can get an impression of how gesture control works:

To view this YouTube video, permission is required in the Advertising section.

Technical Overview

  • 60GHz mmWave radar
  • 40MHz clock rate
  • Support Interfaces: USB / I2C / UART
  • Component size: 6.1*3.9*1.3mm
  • Operating distance: 1~30cm
  • Gesture accuracy: > 95%
  • Supports 1D to 3D tracking
  • 6 standard gestures and up to 10 sets customized gestures
  • Front glass: up to 10mm


You want to individualize your product? We can offer you the following options:

  • Type and thickness of cover glasses
  • Printing and milling of the cover glass
  • special cover glass coatings like AG (anti-glare),
    AS (anti-fingerprint ), AR (anti-reflection),
    or our new antibacterial film