Special formats

In times of omnipresent displays, unusual formats are a way to stand out from the crowd. In addition to the well-known, narrow bar-type displays, we have three other special formats in our portfolio.

Curved displays

Curved displays for industrial use are available in 43".

Round displays

Circular eye-catchers are available in sizes from 3.3" to 23.6

Square displays

TFT displays with an aspect ratio of 1:1 are available in sizes from 3.6" to 44.9"

Curved displays

Displays with curvature not only look special, but also offer clear advantages for some applications. Compared to conventional displays, curved displays offer a slightly spatial and thus more immersive image impression. Our symmetrically curved display (C-type) with a curvature radius of 1500R generates a completely new picture experience. Immerse yourself!

  • Landscape format ideal for immersive HMI and digital signage systems
  • Portrait format ideal for three-dimensional gaming or vending machine designs
  • Also available as a version with touchscreen

Round displays

Square displays are the usual standard, even if round displays would be better suited for some applications. The replication of analogue instruments from shipbuilding and vehicle construction are just one example among many here. Instead of concealing or masking standard displays as in the past, native solutions have recently become available.

  • Ideal for compact display instruments, smart home applications or extravagant product presentations.
  • In combination with customised protective glass, an elegant eye-catcher
  • Also available as a ready-to-use monitor solution in our POS-I-PRO series

Square displays

Conventional displays in 16:9 or 4:3 format do not suit your project? Depending on the application, displays with an aspect ratio of 1:1 look extraordinary or simply allow maximum use of space.

  • Ideal for compact HMIs or striking branding projects
  • The combination of several modules enables the construction of display staircases, pyramids or three-dimensional cubes

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Special format TFT-Displays