Industrial TFT Controllers with RGB DVI HDMI DP Video MIPI Interface

Our industrial Prisma converter board series converts different input signals into a TFT display conform TTL, LVDS, eDP or V-by-One signal. In detail our Prisma TFT Controller can drive TFT displays with the following input signals and scale the input signal to the appropriate TFT resolution, if needed:

  • TTL
  • 18/24/30-bit single / dual LVDS
  • MIPI
  • 2-Lane eDP
  • 4-Lane eDP für 4k TFT Displays
  • 8-Lane V-by-One für 4k TFT Displays

Via an OSM (On-Screen-Menu) the user can make individual settings such as adjusting the brightness, auto adjust, etc.

We also implement special features, such as:

  • customized OSD menus in all languages
  • serial protocols for remote commands
  • cross hair applications
  • text overlays
  • serial control functions of external units via GPIO, RS-232 or I²C
  • special hardware solutions (type of construction, connectors)
  • Full custom developments

Some of the Prisma TFT controller boards can be configured individually to the requirements of the customer's application by using our configuration software MarsRover, ChandlerRover or MStarRover.


With our Prisma converter boards, we guarantee long-term availability in form (100% mechanically identical) and function (backwards compatible) for at least 5 years and more.


  •  2004 Prisma-I was was launched and migrated via the Prisma-II and -III to the current Prisma-IIIA in full compatibility (Prisma-V as successor board in development) = 20 years +
  •  2005 PrismaECO was launched and migrated via PrismaECO-II and -III to the current PrismaECO-IV in full compatibility (PrismaECO-V as successor board in development) = 19 years +
  •  2010 PrismaMediaECO was launched and migrated to the current PrismaMediaECO-II in full compatibility = 14 years +


Due to state-of-the-art designs and the selection of overspecified components (e.g. ceramic caps) our TFT controllers work 24/7 for many years.
A real-life example:
On 2/16/2021, a customer from the Czech Republic inquired about a replacement for a Vampower 3 graphics card from 1999 that stopped working on 2/15/2021. After 21 years of full function!

Safety aspects on our boards

We also check our Prisma converter cards for the topics:

  • Volatility
    With the Letter of Volatility, we confirm that no user data is stored on the chip of the concerned product when the device is turned off or disconnected from its power supply, making it suitable for use in data sensitive devices. We can issue a letter of volatility for Prisma TFT Conroller boards based on the Chandler STDP6038 or the Mars STDP8028 .
  • Cyber Crime
    We hired hackers to attack the Prisma converter boards via their interfaces. Without the knowledge of our source code and the programming and flash tools which are adapted to the board configuration in hardware and software, it was impossible to hack the Prisma.