Your Customized Touch Design

Many versions of PCAP Touch Screens from 1.77" to 75"


You want to use a projected capacitive touch screen and prefer a special design?

Distec's modular touch solutions give you perfect design freedom:


We use our autoclave to laminate touch films in sizes ranging from 1.77" to 32" on customized cover glasses. By using a touch foil instead of a conventional touch screen we eliminate a glass layer between TFT display and cover glass.
This saves space and gives better optical results.

With our VacuBond technology we can optically bond the touch screens with a display of your choice from our TFT program to one unit.

In addition to the customized designs, we offer the PCAP touch screens as a standard product with black or white sealing.

More Details on our Infinite Touch Design

Customized cover glasses for our Infinite Touch solutions

We can supply cover glasses in many variants:

  • shatterproof glasses in various thicknesses
  • special glass shapes
  • colored back prints in your desired colors and patterns, logo prints
  • Glass processing e.g. cutouts, sliders, edges
  • Antibacterial glass
  • Special coatings and filters

More information on cover glasses