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This category contains proprietary COM modules (manufacturer dependent) and modules for the ETX® form factor. The ETX® standard is one of the oldest form factors in the size of 95x125mm and has an ISA and PCI bus. This makes it possible to supply even older carrier board designs with current processors.

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COM-HPC – Module für High Performance Server und Client Computing

COM-HPC is the latest addition to embedded computer-on-modules. The standard is intended to supplement current COM standards such as SMARC, QSeven and COM Express™ with higher-performance modules for server and client applications in industrial environments. Thus, even better scaling up to high performance server and client computing is possible. The new standard is supported by the leading companies in the embedded market. This ensures the usual interchangeability of computer-on-modules with COM-HPC.


The COM-HPC standard supports a power consumption of up to 300 watts on the server size CPU modules. This enables new areas of application in contrast to the existing standards, such as SMARC or COM Express. More and faster I/Os are also supported.

The COM HPC modules offer up to 64 PCIe Gen 5 lanes, USB 4.0, 25 Gigabit Ethernet and up to 1TByte DRAM. The target is to support PCIe 5.0 (32 Gb/s) with 64 lanes, 100 Gigabit Ethernet and USB 4.0 / Thunderbolt up to 40 Gb/s with the new standard.


  • Up to 65 PCI-E Gen 5-Lanes
  • Up to 8 x 25 Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 2 x USB 4
  • Headless (without GPU)
  • Dimensions
    • Size D: 160x160 mm
    • Size E: 160x200 mm


  • Up to 49 PCI-E Gen 5-Lanes
  • Up to 2 x 25 Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 3 x USB 4
  • Up to 4 video interfaces
  • Dimensions
    • Size A: 95x120 mm
    • Size B: 120x120 mm
    • Size C: 120x160 mm


The COM-HPC connector is specifically designed and selected to meet the high signal integrity requirements of PCIe Gen4 / Gen5 and 10G/25G Ethernet. The connector has a high pin count and supports modules up to 300W at 11.4 - 12.6V. The stack height is 5 &10mm.

The full COM-HPC specification can be purchased and downloaded at