Bonding with OCA

Laminating involves applying films to solid materials or laminating two solid materials together using a double-sided adhesive film (OCA - Optical Clear Adhesive).

We laminate in two different ways:

With the roller laminator / autoclave

  • Up to 800mm
  • Films are applied by temperature and pressure
  • In autoclaves, we can further strengthen adhesion and remove remaining air pockets on units up to 32''. Temperature-cured adhesives are given their final treatment by simultaneous pressure and heat.

With the VacuBond process

  • Up to 32“
  • Films are applied with pressure at room temperature and thus the specified temperature range of the components is not exceeded.

With lamination, we apply a wide range of films to our products, such as antiviral protection films, privacy, UV or anti-reflection filters.

We can also combine different components, such as

  • touch - Glass
  • touch - PMMA/acrylic
  • glass - glass etc.

Several layers can also be laminated without any problems, for example EMC pane - touch - glass.

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