Fireload Optimized Displays

Only Distec manufactures non-flammable monitors according to the highest fire protection class A1

Strict fire safety regulations often apply in publicly accessible areas or premises with critical infrastructure Anyone who wants to use digital information systems in these places must ensure that the monitors do not pose a fire hazard. In the event of a fire, they should cause as little smoke and as low a fire load as possible. This is exactly what we offer!

The new BLO-Line® monitors are certified according to fire protection class A1, which also applies to bricks, steel and concrete. These fire protection monitors - optionally available with touch - offer the highest level of safety in the event of a fire. They are available in sizes from 24" to 65" in parallel with the previous POS-Line monitors certified according to B-s1, d0. The latter are available in screen diagonals from 31.5" to 46". FORTEC Integrated relies exclusively on durable displays that are designed for 24/7 operation.

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Fire test short film

A film says more than words. Watch our short film "Silver Man" and convince yourself of the fire resistance of our according to A1-certified monitors.

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Fire protection classes

Here we have listed the differences between the relevant fire protection classes. You can find out more about the topic on our page:


Fire Protection

European Fire Protection Classes to DIN EN 13501-1
A1non-flammable without flammable components, no smoke gas development, no burning dripping - NO additional blaze load
A2-s1,d0non-flammable with flammable components, little to no smoke gas development, no burning dripping - THUS additional blaze load
B-s1,d0flame resistant, little to no smoke gas development, no burning dripping - there is an additional blaze load

Fireload Optimized Monitor Series

BLO-Line® (A1)

Non-flammable. The only monitor on the market certified according to fire protection class A1. Also available as IoT monitor or panel PC.

POS-Line BLO (B-s1,d0)

Fire resistant monitors certified to fire protection class B-s1,d0. Also available as IoT monitor and panel PC.

* The fire behavior, i.e. the flammability and combustibility of the monitors, was determined based on the SBI method according to EN13823:2015-02 and EN13823-2020-09. Heat and smoke generation are evaluated, as well as burning dripping. The fire test was carried out according to the European standard as per DIN EN13501-1. For more information, please refer to our BLO-Line Flyer.


No fire protection housing necessary!

To meet fire protection requirements, common monitors are often installed in fire protection housings. These housings are bulky and very heavy even without the integrated monitor. The installation is strenuous and cumbersome and a touch operation of the monitor with housing is not possible.

We have solved these problems in the development of our non-combustible BLO-Line monitors: they have a slim design and take up much less space. They weigh only about half as much as a monitor with fire protection housing and installation is quick and easy in 4 steps: • Mount the wall bracket • hook in the device • connect the cable • fix the monitor. For easy operation, the BLO-Line® monitors feature an integrated PCAP touch screen on request.

The BLO-Line® is available in many different sizes. For details, please refer to our flyer.