Burns like a brick: certified according to A1*

Only at FORTEC Integrated: non-flammable monitors according to the highest fire protection class A1*. In case of fire, our BLO-Line® monitors neither produce smoke gas nor contribute to the fire load – just like concrete, steel and brick.

This series is therefore ideal for buildings open to the public and even for escape and rescue routes with strict fire regulations. Unlike other manufacturers, our BLO-Line® offers this protection completely without a thick and heavy fire protection housing and can therefore be elegantly integrated into existing room concepts.

If this is not enough, the BLO-Line® can be equipped with an extinguishing cartridge, which additionally cools the unit in case of building fires. In addition, the series can be configured with PCAP touchscreen, IoT module or panel PC, making it compatible with all our software options. The monitors are available in screen sizes ranging from 24" to 65". Learn more about fire protection here.

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Impressive fire test

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Watch our second short film "Silver Man" and convince yourself of the performance of our  according to A1 certified monitors.

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Features at a glance

  • designed for 24/7 operation
  • suitable for escape routes

  • fire protection glass optionally with touch screen

  • No emission of smoke gas and contribution to the fire load

  • With certificate according to fire protection class A1


A1 - Without additional housing

Our BLO-Line® complies the requirement according to fire protection class A1 without an external enclosure, thus enabling a slim design.

Commercially available fire protection enclosures alone weigh more than our BLO-Line® monitors. The traditional combination adds a wall mount and a standard monitor. With our solution, you get everything in one space-saving and easy-to-mount product.

The installation of the BLO-Line® is done in four simple steps: Mount the wall bracket, hook in the device, connect the cable and mount the monitor. The installation of fire protection enclosures is much more complicated. With our series it is also possible to integrate a PCAP touch; this is not possible with the enclosure.

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BLO-Line® 4K

Brilliant with certainty

For higher demands, there will soon be the BLO-Line® with 4K/ UHD panels. With these new panels, the information on the monitors will be even more eye-catching for passers-by and customers, high brilliance and clarity of the display is combined here with the highest security. In addition, the series can be configured with PCAP touchscreen, IoT module or integrated PC and is compatible with all DISTEC software options.

Preliminary data sheet BLO-Line 4K 54.6

Info Webinar

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* The fire behavior (flammability and combustibility) of the monitors, was determined following the SBI method according to EN13823:2015-02 and EN13823-2020-09 for building materials. Heat and smoke development are evaluated, as well as burning dripping. The fire test was carried out in accordance with the European standard DIN EN13501-1.