Bonding Technologies

Bonding refers to various methods used to connect a TFT display with other components such as a touch screen, protective glass or various foils to form a complete HMI unit. Depending on the process, a double-sided adhesive tape, an OCA layer (optical clear adhesive) or a high-quality silicone gel is used. The optimal process also depends on the area of application of the finished product. We will be happy to advise you.

We offer the following bonding methods:


VacuBond Optical Bonding

Robust connection of TFT displays with touchscreens and/or protective glasses using high-quality silicone gel.

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ATEX Bonding

For eliminating free air spaces in TFT displays for use in explosion-protected areas


Connecting touch and protective glass or several glasses with an OCA layer

Tape Bonding

Connecting TFT displays and protective glass/touchscreen with double-sided adhesive tape