Sensors & Diagnostics

With our sensors you can optimally monitor your TFT display solution, adapt it to the ambient conditions and save power at the same time.

With our sensors, you can optimally supplement and monitor your TFT display solution, as well as adapt it to the ambient conditions. Smart display solutions offer you advantages in many respects:

  • Optimization of power consumption - adjustment of brightness to ambient lighting.
  • Extended product life - device protection against damage caused by overheating or frost
  • Low downtime - check for proper function during operation without being on site

Temperature / Brightness Sensor

Is your display blinding in cloudy weather and too dark in sunshine?

Do you use your display in harsh environments and want to prevent damage from extreme temperatures?

Depending on the location, the lighting conditions change between darkness, cloud cover or bright sunshine. If the brightness of the backlight of a TFT display is set to a fixed value, this will lead to a reduction in brightness.

  • too high power consumption in low ambient light conditions
  • to a barely readable display in bright ambient light

The IF412 light sensor, in conjunction with the TFT controller, ensures perfect readability of the display content in any ambient light and saves energy costs by reducing the brightness of the backlight at the right moment.

The FORTEC temperature sensor IF389 monitors the permissible operating temperature. In case of extreme temperatures, the TFT controller can switch off the display or switch on a fan or heater. This protects the display from damage due to temperatures outside the specification.

Flyer Temperature / Brightness sensor

Frozen Screen Diagnostik Sensor

Is your screen really working or do you just see a frozen image?

Are you sure that your content is displayed even though you can't visually check your screen?

In distributed systems, malfunctions cannot be detected without an on-site inspection. A common control system with PC, IPC or converter card cannot determine via the data and backlight cable whether the screen is really active or frozen or whether the backlight is still working.  Our Frozen Screen / Remote Diagnostic Interface IF444 offers the solution for this problem:

  • suitable for systems with PC/SBC or with HDMI/DP/VGA converter cards e.g. Prisma series
  • alarm message via digital and visual signal (if desired also acoustically)
  • Function under WIN and Linux
  • sensor is glued to one corner of the active display area
  • mechanical integration independently or as a service in our production

This cost-effective system provides security and guarantees 24/7 uptime.

IF444 Frozen Screen Sensor Flyer