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WebPoster is the integrated software solution for full-screen display of websites on our smart monitors.

The solution is ideal, for example, for displaying always up-to-date production instructions and statistics in factories or for digital signage applications.

WebPoster is available for our ARM-based IoT monitors as M3 variant. For the display of offline content, we alternatively offer the VideoPoster software.

Flyer WebPoster

The configuration is conveniently done via a web interface, so no physical access to the monitor is required for setup and modification. The displayed content is always up-to-date, as the selected web page is reloaded automatically or after a specified interval. In addition, thanks to the integrated embedded operating system, there are no recurrent costs for monitor management or system updates.


  • Automatic start on power up
  • Display of a preconfigured web page in kiosk mode
  • Browser supports HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Web interface for device configuration
    (network parameters, web page address, reload interval, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring of the current display on the screen via VNC
  • Screen can be used in landscape or portrait mode
  • Interaction on the monitor via multi-touch and virtual keyboard
  • Programmable timer for switching the display on and off