Embedded OEM/ODM Service

Distec develops customer-specific solutions for challenging projects. Generally speaking, a product offering the right solution for every single specification simply does not exist. All requirements must always be considered individually. In some cases, only minor adaptations are already sufficient, e.g. another RS485 interface or alternative power supplies. In turn, other projects require specific product sizes or forms. In other cases the connectors or components must be placed on a certain location. Considering the huge variety of possible requirements, the possibilities for our customers are endless.

We provide support to our customers starting from the specification of your product, to the hardware design, to the full-custom design. Benefit from our long-standing know-how.

  • Single Board Computers or Motherboards
  • Carrier boards
  • Additional boards
  • Embedded OS
  • Embedded BIOS
  • Stiffener or mounting plates
  • Housing construction