Case studies

Here are some interesting projects we implemented with our customers. We will find a solution for your project, too! Please contact us.

FIA Hall of Fame in Paris

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For the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Hall of Fame, Paris, we delivered TFT displays for a video installation of the most successful racing drivers. The 59 pieces 15.6" full HD 1920x1080 TFTs offer a wide viewing angle from all directions thanks to MVA wide-viewing technology. They have been shipped as a fully-tested kit solution with the PrismaECO-eDP TFT controller. To achieve a maximum optical homogeneity of the visual impression of the side-by-side TFT display installation in the Wall of Fame, an sRGB tone mapping color calibration was run on the HDMI / DP controller board.


High-end Coffee Vending Machine with Latest Technology


Costa Coffee, the world’s second largest coffee bar chain chose FORTEC Integrated as a display partner for its Marlow elite development team. In co-operation with Intel, Ferrari-designer Pininfarina, E-Mixpro, Atomhawk and others the world’s first “supervening” coffee machine had been developed. It addesses all five senses and provides barista quality bean coffee in places where cafés are unpractical or uneconomical: the CEM-200 Marlow uses a custom fully integrated advanced high definition PC/touch screen solution, developed and produced by Distec specifically for Costa. 

Information Monitors at the San Francisco Airport

Our American subsidiary, Apollo Display Technologies, acquired an interesting project at the SanFrancisco Airport: The outdated red LED scrolling signs for the airport railway stations should have been replaced by modern TFT monitors. However the customer wanted to keep the serial communication protocol that transmitted data to the LED signs. The solution is a custom 46" POS-Line Monitor made in Germany.

The monitor includes a 46" high bright TFT display that ensures good readability of the content even in direct sunlight. The display is controlled by a VideoPoster-III TFT controller with a custom firmware which perfectly processes the existing serial communication protocol. To protect the display from rain and fog the monitor features a waterproof housing.

The old LED signs could only provide short monochrome text information. The POS-Line monitors provide comprehensive information for travelers and also playback videos in a perfect quality.

VacuBond and transparent displays for self-service restaurant

FORTEC Integrated provides optically bonded transparent TFT displays for an interesting customer project: A self-service restaurant without lines. The customer’s idea was that the consumer places an order via a terminal or his smartphone and fetches the finished meal in the restaurant.

For this purpose a wall of boxes was prepared, in which the restaurant staff puts the meal from the rear. The consumer then picks it up through a transparent flap on the front of the box. The chief attraction is that the door consists of a pure TFT cell which can display the consumers name, advertising or other information. Nevertheless, the meal behind it remains visible.

The customer chose the 21.5 " LG TFT display LM215WF3-SLK1. The TFT cell of this display, however, is not robust enough to serve as a pick-up gate. So we used our VacuBond® optical bonding to add protective glasses to both sides of the TFT cell. The finished unit not only shows a brilliant image of the displayed information, but is also perfectly protected against scratches and easy to clean.

Of course we can also supply other transparent display sizes and our optical bonding for similar applications.