FORTEC Integrated (formerly Distec GmbH)

Your Specialist for LCD Screen Solutions

FORTEC Integrated GmbH (formerly Distec GmbH), headquartered in Germering near Munich and with a plant in Hörselberg-Hainich near Eisenach, is an international supplier of individual components and complete solutions in the fields of display technology and embedded computing for professional customers in all industries. Since 2016 we are a member of the FORTEC Group and can draw on the products, services and know-how of an extensive high-tech company network.

We differentiate ourselves from our global competitors through the following core competencies


  • We deliver optically bonded samples of any complexity within 8 business days.
  • We can sample custom monitors within 6 weeks.

Years of know-how

  • we have been developing complex graphics cards and monitors for over 25 years, among other things
  • in-house development, design and manufacturing from the very beginning


  • flat hierarchies with clear decision assignments allow fast project implementations

individual, cost-optimized products for our customers

  • we develop completely customized solutions, perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers
  • depending on the requirement profile, we then select the optimal production location from our international network of companies

Our services in detail

  • Development, manufacturing and certification of industrial monitors for different applications for example as machine control, public displays, in fire load sensitive areas, for video walls and shop windows with high light irradiation.

  • Development and manufacturing of industrial TFT display controllers for standardized video signals like RGB, DVI, HDMI or Display Port, entry level SBCs and industrial media players with ARM based technologies.

  • Supply of TFT displays with all components like touch screens, cables, power supplies as well as ready-to-use LCD kits from currently 1.77" to 86" (4.5 to 218.44cm).

  • VacuBond® Optical Bonding of the latest generation: In our clean room we bond touchscreens and/or protective glasses on TFT displays up to 32" (81.28cm). We offer zero optical defect production and also bond directly into your housing or close the air spaces inside the TFT for explosion-proof areas.

  • Distribution and development of industrial embedded boards and systems, ready-to-connect board display kit solutions including all accessories and with many options like customer specific BIOS and operating system.



Experience and the Latest System Technology

The engineers in our Research & Development centers in Germering and Eisenach as well as at our sister company Apollo in the USA have many years of experience with LCD Panels and a firm focus on future technology in the field.



One-Stop System Solutions

We are specialised in complete, customer-specific solutions in all areas from mechanics, Touch-integration, hardware and software development to manufacture and installation.



Quality and Service

We develop all of our products in accordance with industrial Quality standards. We attach the greatest importance to high-value components, resilient under the most demanding conditions of use, and with long-term availability. In the event it should be necessary, our ISO 9000-certified Service Centre guarantees a quick and reliable turn-around for returned goods.



Environmental Awareness

Nature is the foundation of our livelihood, and as a consequence, environmental protection is core to our business. We develop energy-saving products; seek designs that take the environment into consideration, (for example: we refuse to use tantalum capacitors) and implement resource-saving processes wherever possible. Protection of our environment was even at the forefront of our HQ building renovations: thanks to modern building management and future-proof heating technology we have no need for fossil fuels.



High Product Availability

At our facilities we maintain large stocks of LCD panels, embedded PCs and all accessories (cables, controllers, touches, glasses etc.).

Our history

A lot has happened since the company was founded in 1993. Take a look at our development.