Nature is the basis of our lives. Sustainable action and environmental protection are therefore at the centre of FORTEC Integrated's business activities.
This is another reason why we have submitted to the EcoVadis ranking. We have been ISO 14001:2015 certified at our headquarters in Germering/Munich since 2022. We are aiming for this certification for the FORTEC Group in 2024.  In this way, we ensure independent and verifiable classifications for our customers.
We are committed to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and constantly review our actions and processes to improve our contribution to greater sustainability.

FORTEC Integrated on th road to more systainability

Healthy living

Protect climate

Equally authorised

Producing better

Growing sustainably

Encourage participation

Healthy living

We promote a healthy lifestyle through our health management and job bike programmes, including bike refuelling stations. We implement ergonomic workplaces and inspire our employees to take part in joint activities such as Wings for life, city cycling and city runs.

Equally authorised





Code of Conduct

We ensure that all employees are treated equally within the company. We are committed to a conscious use of language within the company. We promote parental leave models.

Transparency in communication with employees is important to us. Monthly newsletters, regular information events and a weekly managing director update support this endeavour.


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Growing systainably

We comply with the legal requirements of the ESG criteria. Compliance with sustainability standards at FORTEC can also be verified via the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

This gives our customers the opportunity to check that all legal standards are met when purchasing FORTEC products.

Flexitime, hybrid working and a high standard of occupational safety are a matter of course for our employees.

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Producing better






COGD member

As we design and develop TFT-controllers ourselves, we can design them to be particularly energy-efficient. We achieve higher savings potentials than other companies. We are guided by the Eco Design Directive, focus on sustainable panels and develop complete solutions that use resources sparingly.

The selection of suitable hardware platforms has a significant impact on power consumption without compromising on performance. Why use unnecessary computing power when it is not needed?

Our specially customised products enable predominantly fanless designs, which benefits noise development. We manufacture assemblies to the highest environmental standards and PCBs are assembled in accordance with German standards. 

Our high-performance products include mercury-free LED lighting, transflective displays, control boards with switching functions or brightness and motion sensors as well as e-paper monitors.

Protect climate

Savings at FORTEC Integrated in 2023 through exclusive use of Steinbeis recycled paper

We are facing up to the challenges posed by current climate developments. We pay very close attention to how we deal with this issue within our own organisation and with our suppliers and partners. 

As a state-recognised company that takes responsibility for the environment with qualified voluntary environmental services, we are currently part of the Bavarian Environment + Climate Pactuntil 2026.

For example, the offices at our headquarters near Munich are heated by a geothermal heat pump without gas/oil consumption. In summer, they are air-conditioned draught-free via a ceiling cooling system. We also use green electricity from hydropower and wind.

Our second site near Eisenach will switch to green electricity in 2024.

We offer charging stations to promote e-mobility and are switching to e-vehicles when purchasing new company cars.

We largely avoid the use of paper in the office and only use environmentally friendly paper from Steinbeis

The beverage supply for employees has been switched to direct supply since 2022.

We work with a recycling concept that organises the environmentally friendly disposal of all types of waste and are working to further reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals.

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Encourage participation

We contribute to promoting inclusion and peaceful coexistence not only through campaigns such as the "Wings for life" run, but also through long-term support for organisations.

Our employees are involved in a wide range of social projects and in their neighbourhoods. This ranges from extraordinary commitment to the voluntary fire brigade in Germering, which we promote as a company, to work in associations and for animal and environmental protection. 

We support the Central German Children's Hospice in Tambach Dietharz, the hospice in Germering and local organisations in special undertakings.

We responded to specific current emergency situations with several fundraising campaigns for Ukraine and by helping to provide accommodation for refugees. At the FORTEC GROUP, it is important to support each other and others as a matter of course.