Video Player


VideoPoster is the integrated software solution for playing presentations, image, video and PDF files via Ethernet, SD card or USB storage media on our smart monitors.

The full HD-capable software player is the ideal solution for energy-saving media playback at the point of sale or for digital signage applications, as it does not require an additional computer or other playback equipment.

VideoPoster is available for our ARM-based IoT monitors. For dynamic display of web content, we alternatively offer the WebPoster software.

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The configuration can be done conveniently through a web browser, so no physical access to the monitor is required for setup and modification. You can connect on the same network using the Artista Device Finder Windows software or by manually entering the IP address of your device into the browser.

Plus, thanks to the built-in embedded operating system, there are no recurring costs for monitor management or system updates.

Content Management


Distec's ACC control center software enables the presentations of all media players in the network to be quickly updated via Ethernet or manually via USB flash drive (push update). Distec's free ACC software for Windows can be used to conveniently generate and distribute content for the VideoPoster.

Supported Monitor Series: