E-Paper Monitors

98.5% less power compared to High Bright monitor

E-paper monitors have an e-ink display that imitates the appearance of ink on paper. The monitors do not require a backlight and only consume significant power when the displayed content changes. This makes this display technology ideal for notices that were previously realised with paper.
Thanks to the minimal power consumption of efficiency champion e-paper, you can save up to 98.5% energy compared to a high-bright monitor. This is particularly advantageous for long-term operation and enables relevant cost savings.

High Bright 31.5"

  • 1500 cd
  • 70.0-100.0 W during operation          
  • 1.5W within standby mode

E-Paper 28.0" bartype

  • suitable for sunlight
  • 23.7W when changing content   
  • 1.5W in display mode

Some e-paper models can also be powered by rechargeable cells or batteries, which offers additional flexibility in terms of power supply. As there is no quiescent power consumption of the power supply unit, the e-paper does not consume any power at all for the static display of content. E-paper monitors offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and user-friendly solution for displaying information in a variety of environments.
The perfect choice if you are looking for an effective way to present changing information!


The 7.4" e-paper is an electronic desk stand that changes the display using Bluetooth and minimal energy requirements. The double-sided screen offers three colours and a USB-C connection.


The 28" bartype e-paper is perfect for capturing your customers and shines with all the advantages that these monitors have over conventional high-bright solutions.


The 31.2" e-paper displays in black and white and is characterised by its super-flat design. It can be supplied with an optional touchscreen.


The 25.3", 28" and 42" e-paper have the same properties as monochrome, but the display options are extended by this feature. 

E-paper displays are "bistable". This means that the display is maintained even when there is no power supply. With E-Ink, the pixels are not illuminated and do not light up themselves, but reflect the ambient light, as is the case with classically printed paper (=> reflective displays). This makes this monitor class very energy-efficient and perfect for 24/7 continuous use.
By dispensing with a backlight, e-paper can be characterised as very easy on the eyes in contrast to LCD technology. E-paper displays have a clear advantage, especially when reading long texts.

What is an E-Ink?

E-ink, the basis for e-paper, is based on electrophoretic ink. This consists of microcapsules with coloured particles that are positively or negatively charged depending on the colour. Depending on the polarity of the electric field, the particles migrate to the top of the microcapsules and thus become visible.

Furthermore, the pixels on the electronic paper are located directly behind the cover layer, which creates a high contrast and enables the reader to read the display clearly from almost any viewing angle.

The monitors are also very easy to read in bright sunlight. The e-paper display is matt and not glossy, so there are no reflections. All in all, you can always read e-paper, except in the dark.