Technical services and processes

We are experts for TFT display system solutions. That is why we offer a wide range of services to provide the perfect product for your application. Please contact us. We are happy to help!

Housing construction


We supply TFT displays as a solution with customized bezels or housings made of plastic or metal. We either construct a finished unit according to the requirements of the device or we produce according to the customer's design specifications. We procure all necessary components, from the front glass with touch through the display to the metal frame and the required adhesives and sealing tapes. For this we can recommend our video.

Our project management supports you in all phases of your project!


Our production devision manufactures and assembles for you from the component to the complete device, from the prototype to the series production. If necessary, we integrate appropriate software and test the finished devices. After the design release, we produce and deliver the first samples and consider any change requests for the pilot series. When all requirements are met, we start series production.

We also handle various tests and certifications for your end device, such as CE certifications.

In order to protect the sensitive devices during shipping, we procure customized, ESD-safe packaging.

With us you get everything from a single source.

Optical Bonding / VacuAssembly / Laminating / Free air exclusion Bonding

Based on our modern VacuBond® Optical Bonding process with zero optical defect production we offer you the following services:

  • Optical bonding: robust connection of TFT displays with touchscreens and / or protective glass to reduce reflections and prevent condensation or contamination
  • VacuAssembly: Connection of TFT displays without sturdy frame offering space for tape bonding or of pure TFT cells with touch screen or protective glass
  • Laminating: bonding of touch and protective glass or several glasses with VacuBond® at room temperature
  • Free air exclusion bonding: for the elimination of free air spaces in TFT displays, which are to be used in explosion-proof areas


Software and Firmware

Your product should provide custom features that can only be implemented through a software or firmware customization? We support you gladly and program

  • custom firmware for our graphics cards
  • Linux and application software for ARM platforms
  • FPGAs
  • Linux and Windows drivers
  • Touch customizations for Goodix, Ilitek and EETI
  • other applications

Please contact us!

4K and 3D Microscopy with KEYENCE VHX Series Digital Microscope

For the quality department and the touch/glass laboratory, a KEYENCE 4k high-resolution digital microscope of the latest generation was put into operation in fall 2020. This high-tech microscope allows us to analyze the quality of delivered glasses and foils in detail and, if necessary, to precisely define the deviation from the optical specification.

The 3D - function also allows the depth definition of an optical deviation within a multilayer (e.g. glass, lamination, touch foil).

We also offer you these new capabilities as a product-independent service.

Please feel free to contact us.

Surface measurement

With our three-angle glossmeter, we test the surface quality of cover glasses and confirm their anti-reflective or anti-glare properties.

The precise and norm-compliant measurement of the device takes place over three different illumination angles, so that all gloss ranges from matt to high-glossy are covered. We can also measure the homogeneity of large surfaces with this device, thus ensuring consistent quality. 

In addition, we can measure the contact angle and thus the adhesion during lamination or bonding. processes

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We design tools and components for prototypes or small series using modern CAD programmes and print them out on modern 3D printers: 

  • fast sampling through printed tools for optical bonding or tape bonding
  • Fast production of individual parts for project designs
  • highly precise printing results 
  • we use biodegradable plastics

Please feel free to contact us.

Spectrometer measurements

We can measure TFT displays in the darkroom with our spectroradiometer Spectraval 1511 in the visible wavelength range from 380 to 780nm. Thus we can precisely determine luminescence (precise brightness measurement), color coordinates, color temperature values, color rendering index and gamut of displays. Using this data thes can be adjusted to a uniform color temperature and color rendering e.g. via our Prisma TFT controllers.

In this way, TFT displays for medical applications can be precisely calibrated to the requirements of the application (DICOM preset, gamma values). When several displays are operated side by side, e.g. in video wall applications, all displays are optimally matched to create a uniform overall impression.

Tempering & Temperature Tests

By means of software-controlled temperature programs, we can now expose modules up to a diagonal of 60.96 cm (24 inches) to temperatures ranging from +30 to + 300°C in our industrial heating cabinet.

Long-term programs and complex test series over several days are also possible. 

The heat treatment detects possible weak points on the products due to simulated heavy loads and thus helps to prevent breakdowns in the field. 

With our new temperature test chamber Memmert TTC256 we can carry out examinations, tests and approvals from -42°C to 190°C for you. We are happy to check your product according to your temperature requirements.

 UV simulation for outdoor applications

For outdoor use, touchscreens have to meet special requirements. In our industrial heating cabinet, we can use UV lamps to simulate an accelerated aging process and test the durability of the products. The touchscreens are heated up to 70 degrees Celsius and exposed to UV-A, UV-B and UV-C radiation.