Customized solutions

Comprehensive expertise in the development of display solutions

FORTEC Integrated GmbH is an experienced partner for industry in planning, development and production for demanding customer projects. Our engineers are successful in implementing display and touch technology in automation processes and complete systems of our industrial partners as well as in developing independent new products for our customers.


TFT-LCD controller boards. Graphics cards for digital and analog video signals, ARM- and FPGA-based boards.


Firmware for graphics cards, Linux and application software for ARM platforms, FPGA programming, Windows and Linux drivers and applications.


CAD design of monitors, built-in monitors and assembly solutions, prototyping, European and international certifications.


Monitor manufacturing, touch and protective glass integration, software integration, TFT panel upgrade (brightness, anti-reflective, transflective), VacuBond® Optical Bonding, TFT kit solutions.

Show individuality with your displays, monitors and screens

Individuality instead of standard? Stand out from the competitive market?

A customized design makes it possible to effectively personalize hardware and software through an individual color design and your company logo and to align them with your company. In this way, you give your product an unmistakable appearance and thus a high recognition value.

For the design you can choose all RAL colors and also when using special colors we support you in determining the exact color and design specifications. We offer this service for all housing types of our TFT monitor solutions.

Take advantage of our complete service from component assembly to the production of monitor and touch systems. Our experienced engineers develop and design display systems according to your specific requirements. We manufacture individual prototypes or design complete mass productions.

Our end devices

All our monitors and the customized monitor solutions we supply are developed and manufactured in Germany. Our products are specially designed for professional use, which means:

  •    Use of industrial components
  •    Long-term availability with unchanged design of the components
  •    High product quality for a long product life
  •    Development and production of special components in Germany
  •    Cooperation with renowned partners in subcontracting