Resistive Technology

The cost-effective resistive touchscreens can be operated by hand but also with every other object e.g.  with thick gloves.

Resistive touch screens consist of a glass or acrylic screen and a transparent plastic film, both of which feature an electrically conductive layer and are separated by small spacers (spacer dots). On contact, the film is pressed onto the screen and the two conductive layers are contacted. The resulting voltage change is reported to the touch controller, which calculates the touch position.

Glass / glass technology allows for unlimited use with gloves and cleaning with all cleaning agents. In addition, these touch screens are particularly clear and scratch-resistant and are controlled via the familiar 4-wire controller. On a project basis, we can supply you with glass / glass touch screens in sizes from 7" to 24" (17.78 to 60.96 cm).

We offer analog resistive 4-wire and the more robust 5-wire touch screens in sizes from 5.7" to 24" (14.48cm to 60.96cm). Beside our own resitive touch line, we also offer products from Abon and DMC.