PRODUCT OF THE YEAR - FORTEC wins the Feuertrutz Award 2024

The BLO-Line® fire load optimised monitor wins the Product of the Year competition initiated by Feuertrutz in the structural fire protection category in 2024.

In the run-up to the annual Feuertrutz fire protection trade fair, the most popular products in fire protection were honoured with the ‘Product of the Year’ award by FeuerTrutz Network for the 14th time in 2024.

The shortlist and winners were determined in equal parts from the assessment of an expert jury and the result of an online vote among FeuerTrutz readers. FORTEC Integrated is delighted to receive the award for the BLO-Line®. 

Strict fire safety regulations often apply in publicly accessible areas or premises with critical infrastructure. Anyone wishing to use digital information systems in these locations must ensure that the monitors do not pose a fire hazard. In the event of a fire, they should produce as little smoke and fire load as possible. This is exactly what we offer!

BLO-Line® monitors are certified in accordance with fire protection class A1, which also applies to bricks, steel and concrete. These fire protection monitors - optionally also with touch - offer the highest level of safety in the event of fire. They are available in sizes from 24‘ to 65’ parallel to the previous POS-Line monitors certified to B-s1, d0. The latter are available in screen diagonals from 31.5‘ to 46’. FORTEC Integrated relies exclusively on durable displays that are designed for 24/7 operation.

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