Compact, outdoor-ready, and high-resolution.

The new 6.4-inch JDI TFT display TX16D209VM0BAB offers a high resolution of 1024x768 pixels despite its compact size of 15.3 by 11.8 cm, displaying your content in great detail. With a high brightness of 1400cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1500:1, it is easily readable even in bright ambient light, making it suitable for outdoor use. Its wide operating temperature range of -30 to +80°C further contributes to its outdoor suitability.

Utilizing IPS technology, the display provides a wide viewing angle, excellent optical properties, and reliable color reproduction even when viewed from the side. The LED backlight driving board is already integrated into the panel.

The TX16D209VM0BAB is controlled via an LVDS interface, and we are pleased to offer you a ready-to-connect kit solution with our TFT controller boards and all necessary accessories.

This display is a perfect alternative to the discontinued Tianma TFT display NL10276BC13-01C.

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